The mechanical material behavior of construction materials and soil materials is of fundamental importance, not only for civil engineering projects, but also when assessing the threat of blast and impact loads, whereby very high pressures arise over very short periods of time. To assess such threats, and especially also to provide realistic numerical predictions and incident analyses, it is necessary to characterize the real material behavior under such conditions. We have a drop weight impact tester for this purpose with a drop weight of 5.5 t, which allows us to achieve very high pressures of > 1000 MPa at an impact velocity ~ 4 m/s. The services we offer include the following

  • Implementation of confined compression tests at high loading rates,
  • Determination of compression curves up to very high pressures of >1000 MPa,
  • Determination of shear strength as a function of moisture content,
  • Modelling of material behavior with appropriate mathematical approaches and
  • Creating material cards to support FEM calculations.

Further tests on request. We look forward to hearing from you!