Technical specifications:

  • Tools with dimensions 15×15 mm², 17×17 mm², 41×41 mm² and 26×103 mm² can be used
  • Processing at room temperature and at elevated temperatures
  • Optimization of the process chain by means of optimized tool and process design
  • Heating up to 320°C



  • Production of ultra-fine-grained materials in the sub-micrometer grain-diameter range by means of high shear deformation
  • Heat treatment and/or deformation after ECAP
  • Increase in material strength with constant or improved ductility and toughness characteristics
  • Potential applications in the areas of safety technology, military technology and medical technology
  • Possibility of homogeneous deformation of relatively large cross sections
  • Even high strength materials that are difficult to deform can be processed by ECAP (e.g., Al 7075T6)
  • Materials that have been formed to date: Mg, Al, Cu alloys, Mg-MMC materials, Mo, Ni, tungsten heavy alloys
  • Undiscovered potential