Technical specifications:

  • Recording of force-time/force-displacement behavior up to fracture
  • From this, a clear determination of the brittle and ductile fracture portions (differentiation of crack-formation energy and crack-propagation energy)
  • 300 J energy capability
  • Possibility of testing ISO V-notch or ISO U-notch specimens
  • Testing temperatures -196°C to >200°C
  • Possibility of testing scaled specimens
  • Testing speed 5 m/s


Loading type:

  • Bending load on notch impact with high speed characterizes the behavior under three-dimensional loading
  • Toughness testing process
  • Recording of force–deflection behavior
  • Brittle materials are usually tested without a notch



  • Recording of the force–time/force–displacement behavior allows more insight into multiaxial toughness behavior via differentiation of crack-formation energy and crack-propagation energy
  • Test that can be carried out simply and quickly
  • Used for evaluating the temperature concept
  • Differentiation of crack-formation energy and crack-propagation energy
  • Quality assurance, acceptance testing
  • Benchmarking of materials, material selection
  • Testing of welded joints
  • Testing of metals, plastics, etc.