Lightweight materials are playing an increasing role in transport. The rail transport system, which has served as an alternative to automobiles for decades, is seeing similar development scopes realized in this regard. Steadily increasing requirements for achievable payload and maximum energy utilization are resulting in an increased use of lightweight materials in rail vehicles. Precise knowledge of material behavior is particularly indispensable in the case of dynamic-impact (crash) loading of novel, lightweight frontal structures of trains.

In shipbuilding too, especially in the area of safety and protective applications, precise knowledge of material behavior is necessary, for instance in penetration processes (terminal ballistics). We offer you the ability to test shipbuilding steels for applications above and below the waterline. We also have unique testing systems that even allow the characterization of high-strength and simultaneously ductile materials.

For aircraft construction, we offer a broad array of standardized tests, such as CAI tests or normative tensile, compression and bending tests. In addition, we coordinate closely with our customers to develop in-house testing methods for impact processes. Our range of services includes fracture-toughness tests, Charpy impact tests and the complete characterization of all manner of lightweight materials, as well as simulation and the creation of material cards.

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