We are a leading international specialist in highly dynamic materials testing:

We test what loads materials can withstand,

transform material properties into material models for reliable simulations

and further develop materials or develop new materials for special applications with highly dynamic loads.

Our claim is the development and application of innovative, customer-oriented solutions for material and component testing as well as accompanying consulting services.

We are a small, innovative company with 15 employees, an international customer base and a current turnover of approx. 3 million €. We are regularly looking for reinforcement and support for our team.

Your contacts

Dr. Norman Herzig

For students: Tom Hahn

+49 371 503490 0

Nordmetall GmbH

Adorfer Hauptstraße 16
09221 Neukirchen

For students

Internships, part-time jobs & student work

We offer students a variety of opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge with us and to gain valuable practical experience. Many exciting issues arise in our projects, which are ideal topics for student research projects, project work or theses.

Does that sound interesting? Contact Mr. Hahn, preferably by e-mail.

We recommend good applications to our partners: