Starting from our accurately determined material-characteristics data, we use constitutive equations to develop material models that are appropriately suited to the behavior. These describe the strength and failure of the material. The behavior of the material under multiaxial, dynamic and temperature-dependent loading is also taken into account.

In addition, we parametrize existing material models for you.

Based on these material models, we can provide you with validated material cards for commercial solvers such as LS-Dyna or ABAQUS (further solvers on request) for all technically relevantn materials an. This ensures that your simulations will make the right predictions, reliably and assuredly.

We provide expert knowledge at your disposal that can provide you with everything from a single source, from material characterization to the finished material card.

We are specialized in crash processes, machining and forming processes, and blasting and penetration processes (explicit calculation). We also offer the option of static calculations on load-bearing structures or complex machines and assemblies at our facility.

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