Test rig for highly dynamic torsional testing

The collaborative efforts of WTD91 and Nordmetall GmbH have resulted in the development and production of a novel torsional testing machine that makes it possible to determine highly dynamic shear deformation characteristics of materials and components.

The test device is used to determine and validate the necessary input data to improve the accuracy of FE simulations. The DYNATOR is used to qualify materials and components and to evaluate production processes, such as in the area of joining technology.


  • Usable for static and dynamic impact testing
  • Testing of high-strength materials and components with real geometries due to the high available torque
  • Measurement and use of high-speed video cameras

Areas of application:

  • Characterization of high-strength protective materials
  • Specific component testing under shear loads
  • Testing of joints, e.g., welded, soldered and adhesive bonded joints
  • Testing of lightweight materials
  • Provision of characteristic data for numerical simulations and forming processes
  • Determination of temperature- and ratespeed- dependent material behavior

Rotational speed range: 0.02 bis 3000 rpm
Torque: up to 2000 Nm
Scherraten: 1×10-3 bis 1×103 1/s
Available rotational energy: up to 750 kJ