Technical specifications:

  • Possibility of two contactless high-speed displacement measurements
  • Convertible to strain measurement, up to very high strains and high speeds (>30 m/s)
  • Measurement distance to the specimen 130–800 mm depending on the lens
  • Measurement surface brightness > 500 lux
  • Spacing between measurement marks 1–125 mm
  • Measurement range 2–50-mm displacement (depending on the lens)
  • Theoretically measurement speed 4000 m/s (depending on the application)
  • Measurement error ±0.2% of the measurement range



  • Very fast measurement system for contactless measurement of displacements or strains in the x or y direction
  • Simple application of measurement marks
  • The analogue output signal is proportional to the strain
  • Integrated viewfinder for easy adjustments