The following measurement systems are available for recording data in highly dynamic tests:

  • PC measurement card PCI 5105, sampling rate 60 MS/s, resolution 12 bit
  • Storage oscilloscope SIGMA 100, sampling rate 100 MS/s, resolution 12 bit
  • Storage oscilloscope Agilent Infinium 54855A, 20 GS/s, resolution 8–12 bit

HSI-STG-type measurement amplifiers with a bandwidth of 2 MHz, made by DEWETRON, are used to operate the strain-gauge measurement chains in highly dynamic tests.
Optical recording by means of Photron SA5 and Redlake MotionXtra HG-100K.

Depending on the application:

  • Resolution of up to: 1504×1128 pixels
  • Up to 7000 fps at full resolution or 800,000 fps at reduced resolution
  • 100BASE-T and 1000BASE-T (gigabit) Ethernet
  • Compact high-g design (shocks of up to 100g)
  • Global electronic shutter to only 1 µs
  • Active images during recording
  • Storage space up to 8 GB
  • Advanced accuracy of synchronization for the camera networks


  • Precise observation of quickly progressing deformation processes
  • Coupling with ARAMIS system for precise diagnosis of dynamic processes